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Tour The Unspoiled Charm Of Aberfeldy

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Rent a Holiday Cottage in Scotland
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Aberfeldy BridgeTour Aberfeldy on the best Scottish Tours. Welcome to historic and beautiful Aberfeldy located in Perthshire, in the very heart of Scotland, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Robert BurnsIn 1787 Robert Burns penned his famous invitation to "Come let us spend the lichtsome days in the Birks of Aberfeldie." Visit Aberfeldy and experience the beauty of this area.

Aberfeldy BirksThe Birks of Aberfeldy, a wooded den surrounding the Falls of Moness, has been maintained as a scenic walk for almost 200 years, first by the Moness Estate, and now by local government. It was visited by Robert Burns on August 30th, 1787, inspring him to write the " The Birks of Aberfeldy " describing the beauty of the area.

Aberfeldy DistilleryThere is a long tradition of illicit distilling in the Aberfeldy area, but the present legal distillery was established on its present site in 1898, and lies just to the east of Aberfeldy overlooking the River Tay. Distilleries of Scotland.

At Aberfeldy, near the bridge that General George Wade built, stands the Black Watch memorial, a stone cairn topped by the imposing figure of a Highland volunteer in Scotland's first Highland regiment.

The Black Watch was formed at Aberfeldy in Perthshire in the early eighteenth century as an independent security force, or 'watch', to guard the approaches to the lawless areas of the Scottish Highlands. Instantly recognisable due to the famous red hackle cap badge and the traditional dark blue and green government tartan kilt from which it got its name. The History of the Black Watch.

And that's not all ! Combine the charm of the area with the thriving but gentle pace of Aberfeldy and its surrounding area, its historic castle, mill, distillery, the nearby 2,500 year old crannog which paints a fascinating picture of early Iron Age life, and, at every turn, the glorious landscape of Highland Perthshire.

Loch Tay at KenmoreIt is at nearby Kenmore where you can enjoy unrivalled views of Loch Tay. The location of Kenmore, the point at which the river leaves the loch, has always been of importance as a ferry crossing. The ferry was known as the Cobil Croft (Boat Croft), operated by a boatman who also kept a small plot of land to make ends meet. Kenmore Church was built in 1759 and the village as it appears today was laid out in the 18th century by the 3rd Earl of Breadalbane.

Taymouth CastleOne of the main entrances to Taymouth Castle estate, the West Gateway, was built in 1857 and leads directly off the Kenmore village square. The Estate dates back thousands of years, while the castle was originally built in the 1500's and demlolished in 1806 to make way for the present structure. The grounds were landscaped throughout the ages. The Taymouth Castle Golf Course was designed by the famous James Braid and laid out throughout the parkland. The second course in the area, Kenmore Golf Course, was opened in 1992 on converted farmland by the banks of the silvery Tay. The mildly undulating fields, the natural mounds with mature Scots Pine and the ditch and dyke boundaries allow the layout to follow and utilise the natural features.

Loch Tay CrannogThe Scottish Crannog Centre is situated at Croft-na-Caber just south of Kenmore. Crannogs are artificially created or modified islands, the earliest of which dates back some 5,000 years. Crannogs provided safe havens from wild animals and human enemies, whilst also acting as refuges for friendly travellers as well as providing for the ability to control waterways and trade routes. The Scottish Crannog Centre features an authentic replica of an early Iron Age crannog based on the underwater excavations of the 2,500 year old "Oakbank Crannog" located off the village of Fearnan. The Crannogs of Scotland.

CroftmoraigThere is a very fine stone circle at Croftmoraig, on the Aberfeldy road 3 miles to the east of the town. It is one of the most complete groups of standing-stones in Perthshire.

Robert Burns, 1787

Now simmer blinks on flowery braes,
And o'er the crystal streamlet plays;
Come, let us spend the lightsome days,
In the birks of Aberfeldie!

Bonnie lassie, will ye go,
Will ye go, will ye go,
Bonnie lassie, will ye go
To the birks of Aberfeldie!

Highland Perthshire. This guide describes 25 walks in the varied and beautiful area between Blair Atholl, Kenmore and Dunkeld. The scenery is justly famous and the walks visit many areas of local interest, including mysterious standing stones and burial grounds, waterfalls, historic castles and magnificent viewpoints. Illustrated with striking colour photographs. Highland Perthshire (25 Walks) (25 Walks).

The Guide to Mysterious Perthshire, Scotland. This guide contains everything folkloric, supernatural, paranormal, eccentric and odd that has been recorded about the county. The guide is a fascinating introduction to Perthshire's tombstones, simulacra, standing stones, gargoyles and archaeological curiosities; tales of ghosts, fairies, witchcraft, freak weather, strange deaths, tall tales and hoaxes. This is a guide for the armchair adventurer or the on-location visitor, with stories arranged in a sequence of easily found geographical locations. It is profusely illustrated with the author's own photographs and there are extensive references and endnotes to enable the reader to follow up the sources, if he should so wish. The Guide to Mysterious Perthshire (Haunted Britain S.) (Haunted Britain S.).

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